What We Do

Programs & Initiatives


WE Care – Without Expectation: Community Advocacy, Relationship, and Engagement.

WE Care is our message to our community (which necessarily includes our brotherhood, the LGBT community, and the Minority community – individually and collectively) that we see our place in the world as an organization that uplifts, creates opportunity for bonding and recognition, and gets down in the trenches to do the work to affect a positive change. In everything we do, we want the message that WE Care to ring loud and clear.

We see ourselves as the Gold Standard of LGBT Greekdom dedicated to Service Without Expectation. It is through our national program that we intend to make that standard visible and actionable.


Target I: Advocacy

Target Focus: To bring awareness to the fight against LGBT, Ethnic, and Racial Minority Discrimination through strategic and intentional civil engagement. As an organization, we endeavor to increase our presence in the fight for Equality for the LGBT and People of Color communities, bring attention LGBT partner and spousal abuse, and support initiatives that bring attention to mental and physical health awareness LGBT, Ethnic, and Racial Minority Communities.


Programs and Implementation Goals:

  • Workshops/seminars on above issues.
  • Voter Registration and Voting Turnout Initiatives
  • Transgendered Day of Remembrance and Awareness Week Digital Campaign “Courage that Inspires”
  • National Domestic Abuse Month Event “Love Is…”
  • Sponsorship/participation in health fairs.
  • Participation in national health events.
  • National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • World AIDS Day
  • National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Real Delta Men Wear Pink Campaign – “Wear It Pink” Day


Target II: Relationship

Target Focus: Create opportunities that foster healthy and productive relationships with the members of our community. Leverage opportunities for partnership and recognition to connect with the members of our communities that are doing the work of making the world better.


Marquee Programs and Implementation Goals:

  • Gold Tie Gayla: A biennial event that is the culminating event of our National Conference. It recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the fight for equality, awareness, and engagement. This is also the event where the Delta Phi Upsilon Foundation will award the Bayard Rustin Memorial Scholarship
  • Golden Heart Bowtie Brunch: A Biennial Event that happens in the early Spring of the off-National Conference Year to recognize local talent and bring together community leaders for a time of fellowship and networking


Target III: Engagement

Target Focus: Engage with the community through purposeful interaction. Programs are centered on mentoring, the arts, and building representations of the LGBT and minority community that our membership and general communities can be proud of.


  • Project: MBK (My Brother’s Keeper) Mentoring Program – To foster and develop a league of self-invested, community minded young men and prepare them to be great contributors to society. The objective of Project MBK is to serve as a support system for young community men by offering a safe space for dialogue and a place of purposed learning opportunities.
  • Project: Image – The purpose of the program is to encourage and instill LGBT and Black pride in the members of Delta Phi Upsilon and general community, through the preservation of human dignity, integrity, self-respect and self-esteem. It involves the awareness of risks and the willingness to reach out and protect each other from harm and the development of solid values and ethics to help each member make appropriate decisions.
  • Reel Talk: A film series that utilizes gay positive films in an effort to promote dialogue on various issues.
  • LGBT History Month National Electronic Campaign
  • African American History Month Programing and Electronic Campaign
  • Create a Platform for showcasing contributions of LGBT and Minority People to society through:

– Talent Shows

– Spoken Word Events

– Sponsorship of book readings/signings featuring prominent Black gay authors.

– Step/Stroll Shows/Competitions

– Participation in local Gay Pride Parades