Membership Criteria

To be considered for membership into the North Texas Colony of Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Inc., you must:


  • Be a gay, bisexual or progressive man over the age of 18;
  • 12 credit hours from an accredited college or university;
  • Be a registered voter;
  • Have proof of having completed at least twelve (12) hours of community service;
  • Be a positive role model for gay, bisexual and progressive men;
  • Possess talents, skills, and qualities of leadership that will be beneficial to Delta Phi Upsilon;
  • Be able to actively participate in the financial growth of the fraternity;
  • Be willing to participate in chapter, regional and national activities;
  • Submit an application for membership to the local chapter or Grand Chapter (in areas with no chapter), which includes a Letter of Interest;
  • Have been interviewed by the Chapter Membership Committee and/or National Membership Committee;
  • Have been approved for membership by a majority vote of the members of the chapter or National Membership Committee through which he is to be initiated;
  • Have been approved for membership by the Grand Chapter through the Director of the region of which the initiating chapter is a part; and
  • Meet all financial requirements of the Grand Chapter and the initiating chapter.


The letter of interest should:


  1.  State what talents/skills/characteristics that the applicant possesses which would be an asset to the fraternity;
  2.  State any community service activities the applicant is/has been involved with;
  3.  State any leadership roles that the candidate has held in other organizations;
  4.  State any involvement the applicant has had in Delta activities, locally or nationally;
  5.  State why the applicant believes that he would be an excellent candidate for membership;
  6.  Be no longer than 1 page;
  7.  Be typed (not handwritten);
  8.  Be single-spaced;
  9.  Be signed and dated by the applicant; and
  10.  Should accompany the Application for Membership (Form 100B).

Applicants also need to demonstrate community service involvement that is NOT a part of his employment or family responsibilities. Some examples include:


Leadership positions in community-based public service organizations;

  • Tutoring;
  • Volunteering; and/or
  • Mentoring.