Mindful of its founding in 1985 as the nation’s first fraternity for gay men of color, Delta Phi Upsilon has been committed to its policy of “building better brothers,” and values the diversity of its membership. Since that time, Delta Phi Upsilon has grown to become the premiere and largest fraternal organization for gay men of color in the United States. With a steadily growing membership, the Fraternity is committed to recruiting the most intelligent, talented and service-minded members that our community has to offer. Delta Phi Upsilon recruits and initiates men of good character, who are accepting of its principles.


We’re an organization focused on redefining what it means to be a fraternity, having real conversations and building better brothers. If you’re interested in taking part in these genuine experiences, while remaining true to yourself, Delta Phi Upsilon is for you.


Membership in Delta Phi Upsilon is comprised of a diverse group of men of varying backgrounds, ages, and professions, all bound together by a common vow of brotherhood that transcends the chapter setting into a lifetime commitment to friendship.


As a Greek-lettered organization founded for gay men of color, Delta Phi Upsilon has an inherent commitment to serving without expectation, through its programs of service, and encourages its members to become more involved in bettering their communities.


Delta Phi Upsilon provides multiple opportunities for its members to be leaders, ranging from serving in elected positions to serving on committees on the chapter, regional and national levels. Brothers hone their learned skills through participation in the leadership conference, regional conference, and biennial national conference.


As a member of Delta Phi Upsilon, you will have the opportunity to become involved in a wide range of activities that not only allow you to make use of your unique talents and skills, but also learn interpersonal skills like conflict resolution and how to meet and work with others in a group setting. The brothers you make today could one day be important business contacts.