NTX Colony Donates 200+ lbs of Clothing

This Summer, the North Texas Brothers held a clothing drive for homeless youth in the DFW metroplex. We were able to donate over 200 pounds of clothing to three shelters throughout the city of Dallas, Texas. Since we received so many donations, we were able to donate to three locations!!! The Promise House, Mission Arlington, and The Bridge.

In 2016, there were approximately 3,700 homeless children, mostly teenagers, in Dallas, alone. This number only reflects the homeless youth that are officially registered for classes in DISD; there are an estimated 1000 more who are not registered for classes.It is also known that 40% of homeless youth are LGBT and rejection from their families is a major reason for their displacement.

Special thanks to the Cosmopolitan Congregation of Dallas for allowing us to use their facilities as a drop-off/donation location. We could not have done this without them. Thank you to all who donated and keep looking out for ways you can help DPhiU serve the community.


The men of the NTX Colony will continue to live out our Fraternity’s Motto: “Service Without Expectation”


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